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Liz's passion for fitness began at an early age. After one class she instantly knew that dance was her calling. Liz continued her studies through college and earned her BFA in Classical Dance Performance from SUNY Purchase. While there, she discovered a love for Pilates and group fitness. When she was 19 she received her first Personal Training certification and has not looked back!  Liz believes that all aspects of fitness complement each other and holds many certifications including Pilates, Spinning, POUND, Yoga (RYT 200), and Sports Nutrition. In prior years you may have seen Liz on the jumbo-screen while she was dancing for the New Jersey Nets or the Florida Marlins Mermaids. Nowadays, when she is not in the studio she is probably raising her two kids, spending time with her loving husband, or hopefully with all of them together at the beach!



Joselyn has always had a passion for fitness. As a student, she has competed in volleyball, track, and weightlifting. After high school, Joselyn decided to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science at Florida Atlantic University. She started personal training at the Hollywood YMCA and has found a new home at the OM spot. Joselyn believes that movement is medicine and she has an enthusiasm for educating people on the value of exercise. When she's not with a client, you may find Joselyn lifting weights, rock climbing, rollerblading, running, or at a jujitsu class!



Marisol Tamez considers herself to be a modern-day renaissance woman! With extensive experience as a yoga instructor, e-commerce expert, multi-media professional, non-profit manager, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in training, she’s passionate about integrating her diverse talents into a singular purpose: to be a mirror and inspiration for healing, mind-body health, and authentic, courageous living.




Tazz joins the OM-ies with a fresh take on the traditional Vinyasa practice. When he’s not in class Tazz can be found hanging with his four-legged BFF, “True.” Tazz has a passion for health and is a professional chef. His culinary designs complement his passion for a healthy lifestyle.



You may have seen Stacy upside-down on her world-famous Instagram page! Now she bestows her years of expertise to the Om-ies! Stacy graduated from the Aananda School of Yoga in 2014 and has circled back to lead their teacher training posture clinics. Although Stacy loves teaching handstands and arm balances, her classes are geared towards challenging her students in a way that is accessible to whatever level they may be at. Stacy considers herself a forever student and her humble compassionate nature makes her a beloved instructor wherever she goes!




Jenna is a renowned instructor in the US as well as internationally. She is well known for her Hypnoyoga workshops, Yin classes, and positive personality. We couldn't be more thrilled that this student-turned-teacher has joined the OMIES team!



Amanda Marie Vieira, originally from Trinidad & Tobago and raised in Miami Florida is the mom of one beautiful young boy. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics & Nutrition from FIU. Amanda inspires us to make a positive impact in this world by helping others transform their health, body, and mind. Amanda has danced professionally for 13 + years working in movies, commercials, tours, and more. Beyond her passion for dance and health, she is also a major fitness enthusiast which led her to become a barre instructor. A workout that perfectly blends her love for dance with fitness and also sculpts and tones the body with low-impact movements that are doable for any fitness level. Amanda yearns to expand her repertoire by delving deeper into the world of fitness, nutrition, and a holistic lifestyle to continue inspiring, educating,  and motivating others.




Hometown:  Small Town Mississippi

Pronouns:  She/Her

Teaching Style: Heart-Centered, Playful, Alignment-Based

Love Language: Quality Time + Words of Affirmation

Favorite book:  The Four Agreements

Fav quote: “In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” 

Words to live by: Would you rather have peace or would you rather be right?

Tracks you will most likely hear on my playlist: 

Favorite Pose: Backbends + Inversions

Favorite Cuisine: Vegan AF

When I’m not on my mat I am: Living + Loving Life

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