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Liz Reig
Owner / Teacher / Trainer

Liz's passion for fitness began
at a very young age. She began studying classical dance and eventually went on the 

her BFA in New York. There she discovered a love for Pilates and  group fitness. When she was 19 she received her first Personal Training certification and has not looked back!  Liz
believes that all aspects of fitness compliment 
each other and holds many certifications including Pilates, Spinning, POUND, Yoga (RYT 200) and Sports Nutrition.  

Kathie Alexander

Kathie found her passion for teaching yoga after a full career in corporate HR. She acquired her Master’s degree business and devoted 15 + years to the field. Kathie discovered yoga in 2013 and found it to be a great compliment to her stressful life. Over the years her hobby became a passion and she took her studies deeper  Training at Yogi Hari's Ashram gave her the skills to lead classes in Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga,
Hot and Yin styles. Aside from her mat you can find Kathie cooking up some yummy vegan dishes that will surely have your mouth watering!

Amanda Miller

Amanda began practicing Bikram in Southern California which led to a path that has transformed through the years. Out of curiosity and in an effort to advance her personal practice she decided to try a teacher training and discovered a deeper connection to yoga than ever before. "Yoga is all so beautiful and challenging; mentally, emotionally and physically! The ability to support and witness the growth of another Yogi’s journey is something hard to capture with words. Having the privilege to guide others is an honor and a gift. Yoga is not just a physical practice, it becomes a part of your being, your soul. Your practice changes as you grow and grows as you change, transforming you into a new person with a new perspective each time!" 

Crystal Little

Crystal has been an intense athlete for most of her life, martial arts, powerlifting, road cycling, triathlon, CrossFit and still mountain biking today.
It was through 
those intense sports that she found yoga
11 years ago. A back spasm brought her to the movement practice but it was the mental and spiritual aspect that hooked her for life. Yoga has been the vehicle that has taken Crystal through some very tough times in her life and she aims to share that knowledge and experience with her students. Working through the phystcal body with multiple cues to find the correct alignment in order to open up the energetic body, Crystal's style tends to learn towards a blend
of vinyasa and yin yoga "vin-yin" so all students have a chance to get into and experience each pose before moving onto the next. You will leave feeling
loose and refreshed.

Sarah Kouri
Teacher / Trainer

Nasm personal trainer and group fitness instructor Sarah is a powerhouse of energy. She mixes up her strength and conditioning classes frequently
to keep clients motivated. Ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher too she keeps things grounded and chill. Born in Dallas, moved to Miami in 2000 to graduate from FIU with a Masters in Hospitality management. Sarah knows how to keep clients motivated to change exercise from a chore to a lifestyle.

Shazia Gogia

A life-long yogini and meditator, Shazia started teaching yoga
in 2005. Shazia has 800 hours
of training in classical Hatha, Integrative Yoga Therapy, and meditation.  Shazia is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Ayurvedic chef with 1000 hours training in Ayurveda. and published  author of “Alchemy
of Ayurvedic Cookery”. 
Join Shazia in a compassionate Yin practice at the OM spot!


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the OM spot is an infrared hot yoga studio and precision training center
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